Welcome to SmART rights. Gina Broze is a knowledgeable arts publication professional, with 10+ years experience in rights & reproductions, photo and copyright research, publication project management and customer service. Her focus is in organizing the images and copyrights for your project, navigating complex licensing issues, while providing a high-level of service for every client. With extensive contacts with rights organizations, artist estates and studios, image archives and museums, she will deliver quality, professional, and timely results to meet your publication needs.

The information on this website and blog posts are the result of Gina Broze’s extensive work procuring image and copyright permissions, gathered from experience working in the rights and reproduction office of a museum and consulting work for various museums and publishing houses.

If you have a question about a publishing project, artist copyright research, or just want more information – please contact SmART rights. Or connect with Gina on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ginabroze.